Walking for Wellbeing

For those who are able – Avril has suggested three routes that any walkers might use around Carnoustie to take in all 8 churches and perhaps offer a wee prayer outside each one as you walk by.
Route A: Start at Erskine church and head East to Links Avenue, turn left, then right onto Dundee Street and find the Baptist Church on your right. Head on East and turn left up Queen Street. Turn right into Maule Street and find Holyrood church on your left. Carry on and turn right down Lochty Street to find yourself back on Dundee Street. Turn right and carry on until you reach Carnoustie Parish Church on your right.
Route B: Starting at Panbride Newton church on Arbroath Road head towards Easthaven before turning left as you reach the fields. Carry on up to the crossroad and turn right on Panbride road. Carnoustie Panbride church is down there on your left. You can return the same way, or use a path through the field down to Panbride House which makes a circular route. For a longer walk carry on a bit further to a sign for Craigmill Dell. This goes down to the Easthaven road and also forms a circular route. Look out for a wall built from stones from Westhaven Steading where the congregation first met in 1843 (Newton), the year of the Disruption.
Route C: Starting at St Anne’s Roman catholic church on Thomas Street head west down Ravensby Road until you reach the T junction. Turn right and keep going straight until you arrive at barry Church on your right. An alternative route would from St Anne’s would be to head West but turn right up Westfield Street and then turn left at the roundabout to go east on Barry Road. Turn right at the roundabout and head up main Street to Barry church. Return by either alternative route to make a circular walk. You can also walk up the brae behind Barry church and follow the path that leads on to the Carnoustie Path network and to Shanwell cemetery. Look out for a stone wall at Barry Church that is carved with timeless words.😉